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Standard Herbal Extract includes Organic American Red Ginseng Root Extract, American Ginseng Leaf Extract Powder, Amorphophallus Konjac Extract Glucomannan, Konjac Annan Powder In Stock, Green Tea Extract Powder (Tea Polyphenol 25%-98%), Camellia Sinensis Extract, and the like.
Konjac glucomannan refers to a heteropolysaccharide formed by the polymerization of glucose and mannose. Common in plant cells, yeast and other cell walls.
Glucomannan is the most abundant dietary fiber in nature with the highest concentration. It is well known that the most important quality of soluble dietary fiber is its viscosity, which is the most important factor in reducing the blood glucose concentration index after meals and maintaining its overall stability. The higher the viscosity, the better the efficacy.
Glucomannan has the strongest water holding capacity and can absorb 200 times its own volume of water molecules to form a viscous solution.
Due to its special β-1-4 chain structure of glucose and mannose, it is not affected by the body's digestive enzymes and does not generate heat.
Contains no substances such as sugar, fat, starch and protein.
Cnlab Nutrition is one of the most professional standard herbal extract manufacturers in China, providing natural and organic Halal or Kosher premix standard herbal extract as well as blending powder for supplement. Welcome to wholesale standard herbal extract at competitive price here.
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    Extract From Angelica Sinensis

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    Wild Mango Seed Powder Extract

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  • Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

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    Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

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  • Marigold Flower Extract Powder

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    Marigold Flower Extract Powder

    Marigold is the main raw material for the extraction of lutein and carotenoids. The yellow pigment content is not less than 12 grams per kilogram. This marigold flower extract powder is a non-polluting natural pigment.Read More

  • Hypericum Perforatum L Extract

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  • Andrographis Paniculata Extract

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    Andrographis Paniculata Extract

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    Echinacea Extract Cichoric Acid

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  • Green Coffee Bean Extract Powder

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    Green Coffee Bean Extract Powder

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    Eucommia Extract Chlorogenic Acid

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Cnlab Nutrition is one of the most professional standard herbal extract manufacturers in China, providing natural and organic Halal or Kosher premix standard herbal extract as well as blending powder for supplement. Welcome to wholesale standard herbal extract at competitive price here.
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